Special filters for respirator masks at Adriana Cousiño Hospital

The inputs, obtained thanks to the support of GNL Quintero, will provide the health workers with protection for at least two months during the most critical period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

08 de April de 2020

On Wednesday, GNL Quintero donated a series of special filters for the new respirator masks of the professionals and support team at the Adriana Cousiño Hospital in Quintero. This occurred in the context of the spread of Covid-19 of which there are over 200 cases in the Valparaíso Region.

This donation followed the Company’s efforts, together with the hospital’s directors, to find a solution to one of its most urgent requirements in the face of the health crisis.

The special filters, which meet the necessary sanitary standards, will protect the hospital’s emergency personnel for at least two months, alleviating the need for medical supplies to provide optimum care for patients in the Quintero municipal district during what is expected to be the most critical period of Covid-19 cases.

Alfonso Salinas, GNL Quintero’s Sustainability Manager, indicated that “we made this contribution because, in our permanent commitment to Quintero and its people, we understand that the main task today is to strengthen the health teams so they can provide the best possible response to Covid-19 cases in the district. We hope this will ease the burden on the healthcare workers who, at this time, are an example of a vocation for service. We are convinced that this battle to beat the coronavirus will be won by all of us together. For our part, we continue working, with all the hygiene and prevention measures, to guarantee the supply of energy to hospitals, homes and industries in different parts of the country.”

Dr. Daniela Siegmund, the hospital’s director, pointed out that “we have to work in a network and that means working with the advisory council, the municipal government, the community and companies to be able together to respond to the population. This is not the time to work individually; instead, we have to seek all the resources that all the parties can contribute in order to address the coronavirus in the best possible way.”

This donation is in addition to the Company’s recent donation of an electrocardiogram, rehabilitation equipment and data or projection equipment through a grant from the Quintero Community Fund to the Advisory Council of the Adriana Cousiño Hospital.