Who we are

Since 2009, our terminal in Quintero has safely and reliably supplied natural gas to central-southern Chile.

Who we are

GNL Quintero is the southern hemisphere’s first Terminal for the reception, unloading, storage and regasification of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Since starting operation in 2009, it has safely and reliably supplied demand for natural gas in central-southern Chile, contributing to the country’s energy diversification and security.

Our Terminal provides access to the global LNG market and, through GNL Chile (www.gnlchile.com), makes a clean and safe fuel available in the Chilean market for residential, commercial, industrial and transport use as well as for power generation, offering great benefits for Chile’s development, the environment and the quality of life of the country’s inhabitants.

Our workforce is committed to sustainability, maintaining a safe operation, applying standards of excellence and acting with responsibility towards our shareholders, clients, the community and the environment.


At the end of the 1990s, important investments were made in natural gas transportation and distribution networks in Chile. However, starting in 2004-2005, conditions in Argentina for the export of natural gas changed, convincing the Chilean authorities of the need for a Terminal for the reception, unloading, storage and regasification of LNG.

In 2007, GNL Quintero was formed and, on 22 October 2009, in record time, the Company launched the Early Gas Phase of the Terminal during which the ships bringing LNG moored off its installations and served as a floating tank.

On 1 January 2011, once all the Terminal´s components had been built and were operating at capacity, full commercial operation began. This was followed, in May 2011, by the start of operations at the LNG Truck Loading Station, establishing a new and attractive channel for the distribution of this clean fuel to regions of the country that were not connected by gas pipeline.

Today, GNL Quintero has a consolidated position as infrastructure that is important for the present and future of Chile’s energy matrix, contributing to the country’s energy security and sustainable development.


The operations of GNL Quintero are certified under the industry’s most advanced international norms.

ISO 9001: Quality Management: Establishes an integrated management system that permits continuous improvement of an operation and the services it provides. The standard aims for zero defects throughout the production chain.

ISO 14001: Environmental Management: Defines standards for reducing a company’s environmental impacts to the minimum possible, along with compliance with the corresponding legislation.

ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety Management: Aims to improve management of occupational health and safety, minimizing the occurrence of accidents and fostering a culture of prevention throughout the organization and compliance with the corresponding legislation.

ISO 50001: Energy Management. Related to the development and implementation of an Energy Management System through which to continuously improve energy performance and energy efficiency and identify opportunities for reducing energy consumption.

GNL Quintero is a member of:


International Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers

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Chilean Association of Natural Gas Companies

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Conferencia Iberoamericana

Iberoamerican Conference on Operational Excellence in LNG Terminals


Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators

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Oil Companies International Marine Forum

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Acción Empresas

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Fundación PROhumana

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Valparaíso Industrialists’ Association

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