The GNL Quintero Terminal has modern infrastructure, with high quality standards, and permits an efficient, sustainable and safe operation.


The jetty is the infrastructure that enables the Terminal to receive the ships that transport the LNG. It has a length of 1.9 kilometers, an average height of 12.5 meters and a depth of 24 meters at its head and can receive ships with a capacity of up to 265,000 cubic meters of LNG.

Its structure is supported by 504 piles and was designed to withstand natural events of great magnitude, such as earthquakes and tidal waves.

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The Terminal has three LNG storage tanks. The two main tanks are 56 meters high and 80 meters in diameter and can each store up to 160,000 cubic meters of LNG.

Their “total containment” design consists of a nickel-plated steel tank inside another tank, encased in concrete. The tanks are built on 260 seismic isolators, making them resistant to earthquakes of great magnitude.

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The Terminal has four vaporizers, each with a regasification capacity of approximately 5 million cubic meters per day. Three of them are Open Rack Vaporizers (ORVs) and are used for normal operation.

They comprise heat exchangers through which the LNG circulates. The exchangers are bathed on the outside by seawater at ambient temperature which, since the LNG is at -160° Celsius, provides the necessary heat to transform it back into natural gas.

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The Truck Loading Station (ECC) comprises four independent bays where the LNG is loaded into tanker trucks specially designed for its transport. They serve cities and industries not connected to the main gas pipeline network.

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The Control Room manages and controls all the Terminal’s processes, from the reception of ships, the unloading of LNG at the jetty and its transport to the storage tanks through to its regasification and injection into the pipeline and loading into tanker trucks.

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To provide greater safety, all the Company’s personnel receive constant training in this field and participate in different preventive programs. In addition, GNL Quintero has an emergency brigade formed by highly qualified and trained personnel.