Our Business

LNG and natural gas can play an important role in the current transition of the energy matrix, serving as a complement and backup for renewable generation.

Our Business

More than ten years after starting operation, GNL Quintero continues to supply clean energy to a large part of Chile, doing so safely and reliably.

At the same time, the energy market in Chile is undergoing a transition to cleaner systems through the consolidation of renewable technologies and decarbonization. In this context, LNG and natural gas have an important role to play as a complement and backup for renewable generation, given their high availability, reliability, efficiency and environmental advantages over other energies.

This has prompted us to seek growth opportunities, with the aim of ensuring the long-term sustainability of our operation. We are, for example, working to promote the use of natural gas and LNG in land and sea transport and are also studying scenarios and opportunities for other services related to our activity.

However, our main objective as a Terminal continues to be to maintain a safe and reliable operation with high safety and environmental standards, able to provide the necessary backup not only for electricity generation, but also for the households, industries and other businesses of central-southern Chile.