GNL Quintero supplied 64% of central Chile’s natural gas in 2019

In its Sustainability Report 2019, the Company provides an account of its principal results during the year, highlighting aspects that include its contribution to the national energy system.

29 de July de 2020

In 2019, GNL Quintero continued to supply natural gas and LNG to central Chile, doing so through a reliable, responsible and sustainable operation. This is reflected in its latest Sustainability Report which shows that, in 2019, the Company supplied 3,036 million Sm3@9300 kcal of natural gas by pipeline and 561,000 m3 of LNG by tanker truck, accounting for 64% of the natural gas distributed in central Chile and maintaining an average 99.7% availability and an average 98.4% reliability. In addition, it set a new record for the loading of LNG into tanker trucks, reaching an average of 35 trucks/day.

The Company was also an important factor in the 18% of the power produced in the National Electricity System from natural gas, up by three percentage points on the previous year.

In 2019, the Terminal continued to operate cleanly and apply very high environmental management standards, without registering incidents with environmental consequences. Thanks to its closed-circuit operation, atmospheric emissions were minimal, representing less than 0.1% of the SOx, NOx and PM emitted by all sources on the Quintero Bay.

On safety and prevention, GNL Quintero stands out for the 1 million man-hours worked in 2019 without accidents.
The Company has continued to strengthen its relations with the community through initiatives that included a plan of visits to the Terminal through which 380 neighbors from Quintero were able to get to know the installations and their operation. In 2019, the Company also launched a program of visits to the air quality monitoring station in the center of Quintero to enable people to see its operation firsthand. As part of the Quintero Vive (Quintero Lives) urban improvement program, work also began on two new social investment projects: the Casma Street Stairway in Loncura and the Ritoque Beach Universal Access project, which is nearing completion.

To read or download GNL Quintero’s Sustainability Report, click here.