Quintero Community Fund supports 30 new projects with a focus on reactivation

In the current round of grants, the program spearheaded by GNL Quintero and ENEL Generación Chile will contribute to the area’s economic recovery by supporting projects presented by social organizations, talented local individuals and SMEs in the culinary and tourism sectors.

11 de December de 2020

A total of ten social organizations, 12 SMEs from the culinary and tourism sectors and eight individuals from sports and the arts obtained grants in the 2020 bid for financing from the Quintero Community Fund, established over a decade ago by GNL Quintero and ENEL Generación Chile.

The community projects include initiatives such as the installation of ticket dispensers to streamline access to medical attention at Quintero’s Adriana Cousiño Hospital and the acquisition of emergency supplies for the Red Cross and the Quintero Fire Service.

In the case of SMEs in the culinary and tourism sectors, hit this year by the crisis caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the majority of projects involve the construction of outdoor seating space, the implementation of health measures and investment in advertising in a bid to restart this important economic activity in a safe manner.

The grants to talented individuals went to six athletes: the skaters Antonella Araya and Camila Medrano, the bodyboarders Anais Velis and Renato Arellano, the footballer Bastián Pinnola and the tennis player Martina Villarroel. In the arts, the pianist Benjamín Bustos and, in the audiovisual field, Vicente Mena also obtained grants.

“This year, we wanted to make an additional effort and support SMEs in the culinary and tourism sectors because we know how difficult it has been for them and want to contribute to their reactivation, especially now that the high tourist season is beginning,” said Alfonso Salinas, GNL Quintero’s Sustainability Manager.

Antonella Pellegrino, Sustainability Manager at ENEL Chile, added that “today, more than ever, in the complex context created by the ongoing pandemic, these initiatives play a fundamental role for the local economies and, in order to look to the coming months with more optimism, strengthen the enterprises and the talented winners in sports and the arts.”

With this latest bid, in which the support provided amounts to some 40 million pesos, the Quintero Community Fund has already supported 482 community initiatives in its 12 years of existence, investing more than 570 million pesos to contribute to the municipal district’s social development.

The full list of grants is as follows:

  • Quintero Crece Foundation for the Quintero Se Levanta bodyboard championship.
  • Quintero Sports and Social Development Corporation for the renewal of technological and sports equipment for therapy and rehabilitation at 14 sports clubs in the district.
  • Familia Alonsina Parents’ Center for the creation of the generation of 2021 school diary.
  • Quintero Fire Service for the acquisition of a platform for vehicle rescue and training in its use.
  • Agradis Corporation for support with rehabilitation physiotherapy for different people from the district with disabilities.
  • Health Advisory Council of the Adriana Cousiño Hospital for the installation of ticket dispensers for the selection and streamlining of medical attention at the hospital.
  • El Durazno Craft Association for the purchase of hygiene and safety materials and independent washbasins for daily use.
  • Amanecer Alegre Rodeo Club for the purchase of eight tables for its canteen.
  • Chilean Red Cross for the acquisition of two immobilization kits for use in emergencies.
  • Quintero Unido FC Social and Cultural Sports Club for the acquisition of a 9-kilo drier for its laundry.


  • La Cocina De Alejo y Pao Restaurant for the construction of an open-air seating area.
  • Restaurant in the Puntilla sector for the construction of an open-air seating area.
  • La Picá de los Collao Restaurant for the digitization of its accounting system.
  • Pattos Shop Restaurant for the acquisition of safety elements to comply with Covid-19 protocols, kitchen utensils and raw materials.
  • New Tape Restaurant for the acquisition of kitchen utensils and raw materials and advertising for local promotion.
  • Summer Food Restaurant for the acquisition of materials and elements for a transportable terrace located opposite the food truck in Loncura.
  • Cocina de Tehu for the replacement of the windows of the restaurant’s outside seating area.
  • Ecological and self-sustainable hostel for the acquisition of materials to expand its outside seating area.
  • Sunset Beach for the replacement of culinary equipment, advertising and the formalization of its corporate image.
  • Bonitto for ever Restaurant for the acquisition of kitchen utensils and raw materials and investment in advertising.
  • Waikiki Restaurant for the acquisition of utensils and raw materials.
  • Caribbean Restaurant for the acquisition of hygiene and safety materials.


  • Bastián Pinnola for this young footballer’s acquisition of high-end sports equipment.
  • Antonella Araya for sports equipment for this young sportswoman, pre-selected for Chile’s National Artistic Skating Team.
  • Martina Villarroel to finance part of the annual training required by this young woman at the Hans Gildemeister Tennis Club.
  • Anais Velis to finance travel to allow this bodyboarder to compete in Chile and internationally.
  • Camila Medrano for this young artistic skater’s acquisition of sports equipment.
  • Benjamín Bustos for the acquisition of a portable keyboard and support to finance monthly fees at the Viña del Mar Municipal Conservatory.
  • Vicente Mena for the acquisition of high-capacity elements by this young artist who wants to participate in audiovisual photographic and short film competitions.
  • Renato Arellano to help finance his participation in the national bodyboard competition.