Sustainability Report 2018 underscores GNL Quintero’s commitment to the excellence and reliability of the operation

In its Sustainability Report 2018, GNL Quintero provides an account of the main aspects of its performance across its different spheres of action.

30 de May de 2019

2018 was marked by the socio-environmental crisis experienced in Quintero and Puchuncaví, a situation that generated a new stage in the relationship between the community and the companies with operations in the area. In response, we redoubled our efforts to strengthen the ties we have built with our neighbors, based on a genuine commitment to their development and quality of life.

In the case of its operating results, GNL Quintero supplied 3,036 million Sm3@9300 kcal of natural gas by pipeline and 561,000 m3 of LNG by tanker truck, with an average availability of 99.7% and an average reliability of 98.4%. It also set a new record for the loading of LNG into tanker trucks, reaching an average of 35 trucks/day.
In the last quarter of 2018, natural gas shipments through the gas pipeline from Argentina were resumed. However, dispatch of natural gas from the Quintero Terminal to Argentina was important during the winter months, reaching 105 million Sm3@9300 kcal.

The Company was also an important factor in the 15% of the power produced in the National Electricity System from natural gas in 2018.

In the case of safety and prevention, employees received an average of 18 hours of training on health, safety and environmental matters in 2018 while total training per person reached an average of 60 hours.

On sustainability, which is one of the pillars of the Company, it signed a clean production agreement (APL) and, thanks to reuse measures, reduced the waste sent to a landfill by 12.25%. It also maintained its Gold category Seal of Energy Efficiency, awarded by the Energy Ministry.

In addition, in line with its objective of reducing any gender gap, the Company joined the Alliance for Gender of the PROhumana Foundation.

The Sustainability Report is available on GNL Quintero’s website ( and can be viewed or downloaded here.