Residents of Loncura to have a new lookout point and stairway to the coastal promenade

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16 de December de 2019

A new tourist lookout point will be built over the next few months, along with the renovation of the stairway connecting Loncura with the coastal promenade, benefiting the residents of this traditional sector of Quintero.
The project seeks to create an important new urban landmark for the community, improving connectivity for local residents and creating an important tourist attraction, taking advantage of an unparalleled view over all the Quintero Bay.

The renovation of the stairway on Loncura’s Casma Street and the new lookout point are a project on which Copec, Codelco Ventanas, GNL Quintero and the area’s neighborhood associations have been working for several months.
Graciela Bustamante, a resident of Loncura, indicated that “for me, this is a really great thing because I have been here since this was a little wooden stairway, down which we fell several times, and I haven’t used it for quite a while because of the state it was in.” Similarly, Carlos Gallardo, president of the Union and Progress Neighborhood Association, commented that “this project, as well as improving the setting, will also improve the quality of life of many people, so it will be fantastic.”

The community will play an active role in the project’s design since, through direct and online surveys, its members will be able to establish their priorities for this new urban landmark. Felipe Manríquez, representing the companies participating in the project, pointed out that “the idea is that everyone can see the project, get to know it and express an opinion about its development, both on social networks and by answering the surveys through the QR codes that will be installed on panels in the five neighborhood associations. The call, therefore, is to participate.”

The project is expected to be completed in the first half of 2020 and is the first of a number of urban improvement projects in the area that have arisen from joint work between the community and local companies in the framework of the Quintero Vive (Quintero Lives) initiative.