Information on measures in response to the spread of Covid-19

17 March 2020

17 de March de 2020

Given the evolution of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic in our country, we would like to report that, at GNL Quintero, we have adopted a series of measures to protect the health of our employees, contractors, collaborators and the general population.

We are focusing on the reinforcement of hygiene and cleaning measures at our installations and the implementation of social distancing for our employees. The measures we are taking include remote work, the suspension of in-person meetings (replacing them with telephone communication or videoconferences), the implementation of “isolation” and “minimum distance” work protocols (without physical contact) for tasks at the plant and the suspension of visits to the Terminal and travel by our personnel. In this, we will closely follow guidelines that include those issued by the Health Ministry.

To date, there are no confirmed positive cases at the Company.

Through the measures we are taking, we are also seeking to maintain the continuity of our operation and the supply of clean and safe energy to industries, businesses and households in central Chile.