Quintero Community Fund invites online bids and includes new line for tourism and culinary sectors

Since its launch over ten years ago, the Quintero Community Fund, implemented by GNL Quintero and ENEL Generación, has supported over 450 projects and, through this bid, aims to contribute to the reactivation of the local economy.

09 de October de 2020

The Quintero Community Fund, established by GNL Quintero and ENEL Generación to support the municipal district’s social organizations in the implementation of their projects, has launched its annual bid for grants. Given the health contingency, the process will take place 100% online.

In its more than ten years of existence, the Fund has financed 460 citizen initiatives, investing a total of more than 540 million pesos and benefiting over 200 local organizations, in fields such as sports, culture, education, the environment, renewable energies and urban spaces.

The initiatives that received funding in the previous award in 2019 included a new waiting room for the Ventanas Family Health Center (CESFAM); the removal and replacement of roofing with asbestos from a sector of Quintero’s Colegio Inglés school; the acquisition of new equipment for the Quintero and Puchuncaví Fire Services; a football training meeting for children; and a new version of the Quintero Une Fronteras (Quintero Unites Borders) Folklore Festival.

The Quintero Community Fund comprises two different types of funding to which organizations can apply, depending on the nature of the project:

  • Sponsorship Grants, up to 500,000 pesos.
  • Development Grants, between 500,000 pesos and 3 million pesos.

Since 2019, it has also included a line of financing for individuals or groups who stand out in the arts, the humanities, sports or science (line of excellence).

In light of the need to reactivate the local economy in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the new awards will include a line of financing to support SMEs in the culinary and tourism sectors, offering grants of up to 1 million pesos.

The closing date for applications is October 23. The application form and the term sheet can be downloaded from:

  • Quintero Community Fund Term Sheet, 2020 Bid.
  • Application Form: Organizations.
  • Application Form: SMEs.
  • Application Form: Line of Excellence.

Video instructivo para la postulación online (pymes)

Video on how to apply online (organizations)

For additional information, write to fondosquintero@gmail.com or whatsapp +56939342954