GNL Quintero inaugurates virtual tour of air quality monitoring station

Any person can access this 360° tour, designed to inform the community about the operation of the monitoring stations, the instruments they contain and the parameters measured.

19 de November de 2020

In a bid to increase transparency and community participation in environmental issues, GNL Quintero has launched a virtual tour of its air quality monitoring station in the center of Quintero.

The tour includes the outside and inside of the station, which is operated by SGS, a company that specializes in this field. Information is displayed on each of the instruments in the station, explaining their use.

GNL Quintero’s Assistant Corporate Affairs Manager, Felipe Manríquez, indicated that “we believe that a technically robust and reliable network of monitoring stations is necessary for the sustainability of the Quintero Bay and this project certainly points in that direction because it provides a new opportunity to inform the community about this infrastructure that is so important for the area and explain how it works.”

The initiative also represents a resumption, now in virtual form, of the plan of community visits to the station, which began in 2019 but was interrupted by the pandemic. On this, Felipe Manríquez reported that “we expect to resume the program of in-person visits once health conditions permit.” To take the virtual tour, click here click here and follow the instructions.